A little about me

Alminar Sagar

I have been taking photographs ever since I remember. When I was seven, my dad bought me my first camera. It was one of those old "Yascica" camera. That made me the instant coolest kid in the block. As my mom recalls, I would fall asleep with the camera hanging around my neck. For the first month, I was using that camera without any film!

When I was in H.S - I got my first real training in Photography. Started with basic analog 35mm point & shoot, darkroom processing. I reluctantly picked up a digital camera when I got into college for a Photography course. It was love at first click with digital photos! I became that kid again, had my camera with me all the times!! This time around - I wasn't much worried about not having a film in it!

After saving some money, I was finally able to get a DSLR in my sophomore year & did my first professional shoot in few months. It was a surreal feeling getting paid for doing something I love. Over the years - I have tried to capture the essense of life & people any way I can.

Since college days, my life partner & wife has been an integral part of my journey. She has been there every step of the way. Currently she is assisting me with various creative directions. Also the also her passion for photography making her pick up the camera time to time.

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